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Frozen Food Delivery & Chilled Courier Services

SzSz Food Distribution Ltd provides a temperature-controlled solution for our customers throughout the UK and Europe. Our advanced vehicles are equipped with the latest temperature monitoring technology which remotely monitors the real time temperature of all products throughout transit. This allows us to provide a full electronic audit trail and ensures our customer’s items maintain their optimal temperature throughout the delivery.

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Order Online / Track online on our APP. This ability to maintain an exact temperature throughout transit is obviously a major benefit, as well as being a key element of any trusted frozen courier service. Which is one reason why, here at SzSz Food, we’ve always maintained this as a fundamental part of our service. All of the drivers and vehicles within our frozen courier service are fully equipped to offer this guarantee and ensure that you have full peace of mind at every point of your frozen food delivery.


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Refrigeration units are fully maintained and serviced by the manufacturer at 16 week intervals and are covered by a European breakdown network. Furthermore, all frozen food delivery vehicles are equipped with emergency standby cables and our high specification bodies ensure the interior temperature of the vehicle holds its temperature for over 2 hours, even during periods when the units are switched off. In addition to giving our customer peace of mind, it also satisfies our goal of reducing our carbon footprint and decreasing the environmental impact of our operations.

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